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My name is Britanie Faith and I’m the creator of the site: I live in the beautiful mountains of Western Massachusetts but also spend a great deal of time near the ocean on Long Island, New York with boyfriend and our rescued Pit Bull. I’m half American/ half Australian and lived in Sydney Australia for a time when I was a young child. I consider myself very lucky to have had the experience of living in another country at such a young age. I believe it helped me to see the world from an entirely larger perspective. You can’t help but be more open minded when you travel.

After college I became a freelance Makeup Artist and started my website almost two years ago.That was when I completely overhauled my makeup and skincare to all natural and organic. Up until that turning point, I had no idea how many dangerous chemicals, preservatives and additives were lurking in the mainstream products that I “thought” would help to make women feel more attractive and glamorous (me included). What I learned was that cosmetics in the USA are among the least regulated products on the market!

I knew then that my extensive research into “what” was contained in the makeup I was putting on my face had begun. I had always thought the companies that I purchased from in the past had my best interests mind. Well, imagine my surprise when I realized they didn’t. What I found out wasn’t in the least bit pretty. The book that helped me along on my journey of discovery was “No More Dirty Looks“, by co-authors Siobhan O’Connor and Alexandra Spunt.

After reading this book cover to cover, I immediately started my website to be a part of the positive change that I knew in my heart was coming. I wanted to help women worldwide to be informed consumers. Basically to help teach everyone and anyone to,”take back your health into your own hands.” Education is everything and when you know better, you naturally make better choices.

I now have readers from all over the world who come to my site for advice and honest recommendations on the best Eco-friendly, natural and top performing products available. I take a comprehensive look at wellness, beauty, fashion, makeup, skincare and jewelry options and share what I feel are the best choices on the market. I prefer small brands where the owners are actively involved in the creative process. I search for sustainable and ethical business practices. I find that the quality is superb because the business owners put their whole heart and soul into their company.

Being a Green Beauty Blogger I test out many wonderful unique brands and in all fairness, I have many personal favorites. That’s the reason I began a segment on my site called: ‘What I’m loving lately.’ Of course this changes often because there are just SO MANY brands that I love.

With that said, let me start from the top left and show you some of the products that I think are just great and ‘what I’m loving lately!’

Jane Iredale: Jelly Jar~ Gel Eyeliner in Green. My favorite highly pigmented and water resistant liner. It glides on so smoothly and is long lasting. I gently press my angled eyeliner brush into the jar and then apply a very light amount right along my lash line. For a more dramatic look at night I will make a thicker line and then smudge out for a smoky look. Don’t be afraid to have fun with makeup and don’t take yourself too seriously!

Jane Iredale: Celebrate Eye Shadow Trio in Mist, Toast, and Port. I’m a huge fan of anything with the Jane Iredale name on it because the quality is always the best. The formulas are sensitivity-tested, long lasting and crease-free. I apply the darkest color(Port) in a sideways V with my eye contour brush. Next I highlight above the iris in the medium shade (Toast). Finally I highlight my brow bone in the lightest shade (Mist). Vegan and Gluten free.

Christy Organics: 100% Natural Perfume in “Abundance.” I adore this Australian innovative and dynamic brand so much! I’m also extremely happy to find a perfume that is free of: synthetic fragrances, chemical preservatives, additives, is alcohol free, Paraben free, Phalate-free and is not tested on animals. The scent of this perfume evolves on my skin with different aromas mingling with the various notes over time. I find this a luscious and fresh scent that seems to change a bit each time I apply. With notes of Frankincense, Rose Geranium and Pink Grapefruit.

RMS Beauty: Lip2cheek in Demure is described as ‘a soft pink rose with a hint of mauve that makes a statement.’ I use this unique formula for my blush and lipstick. It’s perfect for when I’m looking for the perfect multi-tasking makeup product. All of RMS products are created with nourishing organic ingredients and depending on how much you layer can vary from a light sheer daytime look to a more dense colored application for added drama to lips and cheeks. The entire line is just so much fun to play and experiment with.

Red Apple Lipstick: The Lash Project Mascara. When I found this company and their “five year in the making” Mascara I was thrilled beyond belief. I’m gluten intolerant and I never realized that gluten was in many mascaras. That explained why I’d often have itchy and watery eyes. Red Apple’s formula was created to actually condition the lash follicle. This maximizes the body’s ability to grow healthy lashes. Plus the mascara is perfect for my sensitive eyes. I personally believe this company creates the highest quality gluten free cosmetics available.

Gressa Skin: Minimalist Contouring Bronzing Serum & Corrective Serum Foundation With Immaculate Buffing Brush. When Svetlana Sanchez, the owner and creator of Gressa Skin came out with her Minimalist Bronzing and Corrective Serums the beauty bloggers went crazy! There was a feeling of “this is too good to be true.” How could she invent a serum, that’s also a foundation? Well she did it and it’s all true. It’s a superb product with added benefits of a multivitamin for your skin with subsequent long-term benefits. This formulation contains a proprietary powerhouse blend of botanical extracts that provide the skin with overall balance, radiance and clarity. The minerals provide a tone-correcting coverage and a natural finish. I wear the 01 in the foundation. I use the bronzer to contour the areas of my face and neck that need sculpting: my temples, chin, and under my cheekbones. Oh, and the brush is luxurious.

Gabriel Cosmetics: Liquid Radiance is perfect for highlighting and adding luminosity to my face. I put a dab on my eyelids, cheekbones, down the bridge of my nose and sometimes add a bit to my foundation for an extra bit of healthy looking glow. I love the roller-ball applicator. It makes it so extra easy to glide everywhere and delivers the perfect amount.

AILA Cosmetics: Nail Polish in Sarang. The perfect RED. This is my all time favorite nail polish brand. The colors and formulations are outstanding. These polishes are 5Free, gluten free, vegan, and free of Parabens. This is not your “typical mainstream nail polish”. And thankfully so! This company is developed by a Physician with the number one goal to provide a healthy alternative to traditional nail polish. Check!

Lina Hanson: Global Face Serum. This is a blend of super powerful oils from around the world. Each selected by Lina (two years in the making) for it’s effectiveness in providing the skin with antioxidants, nutrients and anti-aging benefits. I gently press a few drops of this precious luxurious oil on my face before I apply my mineral foundation. The scent is divine and it sinks right into my skin and gives my face the perfect glow.

INIKA Cosmetics: Mineral Foundation in Unity 03. Another Australian brand that stole my heart from the moment I applied it to my face. I love the flawless finish from this award winning mineral foundation. I don’t even need a concealer. The coverage is that good. The minerals provide SPF 15 to guard against the damaging ultra-violet rays. INIKA doesn’t clog my pores or irritate my skin. Which is so important for someone like me with extra sensitive skin. This is a superior product with coverage that looks so natural.

Kjaer Weis: Sensuous Plum Lip Tint. This is one of my favorite brands ever. KW has superior formulations and their colors are just so chic.This classic plum tint gives the most subtle hint of make-up and yet I feel polished and my lips are hydrated perfectly. Ultra-luxurious.

Juice Beauty: Correcting Concealer in Organic Ivory. This is the perfect corrective concealer. It’s full of organic aloe juice, fruit extracts and minerals. It begins as a cream but finishes to a light power that lasts all day. I apply a very small amount with my ring finger to my under eye area and blend well. If I’m wearing mineral eye shadow, I prime my eyelids as well because I find it helps the shadow adhere better. Added bonus is it’s gluten free and that’s really important to me because I have gluten intolerance. You have to check ingredients and not assume that makeup or skincare is gluten free. Read the labels to be sure if that’s a concern for you.

Kari Gran: Lip Whip in Naughty & Nice. Two exclusive, limited-edition colors “Naughty” is a stunning burgundy sparkle with a hint of plum. “Nice” is a classic shade of glittery peachy-nude. Two perfect colors for the Holidays. This is a gloss/lipstick hybrid. I wear mine daily. I love the all natural combination of organic oils, organic beeswax and natural Vitamin E with added peppermint oil. I love every Kari Gran product I’ve ever tried.

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