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Hello! I’m Marie Rayma, and I run, a DIY blog where I share recipes for homemade cosmetics and body products. I’m a graphic designer by day, but my free time is mostly spent in the kitchen with wonderful natural ingredients like essential oils, plant based oils and butters, and clays (and chocolate, if we’re being honest). I love scouring the beauty counter for products to try to recreate with natural ingredients for a fraction of the cost.

My skin care and cosmetic routine is pretty simple as I’m all about being low maintenance. For my facial moisturizer I use pure argan oil every day. I’ve found it to be a brilliant, light moisturizer that can stand up to the dry prairie climate of Calgary, even in the winter. It’s high in vitamin E, meaning it helps zits and booboos heal up quickly.

When I need an extra healing hit I’ll often use my Rosehip & Tamanu Healing Facial Serum, either as a spot treatment or all over. Both rosehip and tamanu oils are powerful natural healers, and I’ve paired them with a few healing essential oils for an extra regenerative hit.

Every five days or so I treat myself to a clay mask. I usually use some combination of French green clay, essential oils, and water. Once I’ve spread it on I let it dry, and it does a brilliant job of vacuuming out my pores and boosting healing. Clay masks are amazing for keeping acne at bay and exfoliating, keeping my skin looking healthy and fresh so I don’t need much makeup.

When it comes to putting on makeup, I’m all about the eyes. I define my brows with a wax/power combo. I do make my own, but right now I’m working my way through a set of Benefit’s Brow Zingers. I use my creamy highlighting Brightlighter to highlight under my brows and around my eyes, and bright white fairy dust to highlight my cheekbones, along with a touch of my Australian clay blush.

I love a good cat eye, and generally turn to Sephora’s liquid liner for an intense, crisp black line. When I can’t be bothered to whip out the liquid liner I’ll blend a bit of brown pencil liner into my lash line around the outer corner of my eyes for the illusion of thicker lashes and some added definition. I’m also a big fan of curled lashes and mascara. I tend to wear store bought mascara, usually Benefit’s They’re Real Mascara or Lancôme’s Hypnose Mascara.

For lips I’m all about lip balm. I make my own and generally have half a dozen tubes on the go, stashed in desks, purses, and bedside tables. For a bit of colour I have a sizeable collection of homemade lipsticks and my favourite DIY Snow White lip stain, which also doubles as a cheek stain.
I’m consistently impressed with its staying power, even through drinks and meals.

Beyond all that I use my homemade natural concealer, which I’ve formulated to perfectly match my skin (a major bonus for me as I’m so pale that purchasing a concealer that matches my skin tone is nearly impossible). For special occasions I’ll use my homemade airbrushing powder, a facial powder I’ve formulated to refine and improve the appearance of my complexion by diffusing light without covering or obscuring the skin. As I generally have quite well behaved skin I love it for disguising pores and smoothing the appearance of my skin without feeling like I’m wearing too much make-up. For days where more coverage is required I do make a full coverage mineral make-up that’s comparable to Bare Minerals (it also makes a fantastic spot concealer and can be blended to perfectly match your skin tone).

That’s pretty much it! I’ll wash it all off with a creamy cleansing balm or a clay bar, follow up with some argan oil, and call it a day.

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